Jennifer Kamikazi has one of the most distinct and captivating voices you will hear. Everything about the British singer/songwriter of Rwandan and Ugandan decent seemingly has its quirks. From her amazing surname translating as ‘little queen’ in her mother tongue, to her incredibly unique journey into music.A self-confessed science geek who grew up listening to R&B and Hip Hop discovered her love of folk music and gift of singing while studying Biochemistry at university. Jennifer taught herself to play guitar and took a detour from the sciences to pursue a career in music. 


With Influences from traditional Rwandan folk and modern western contemporary indie/folk artists such as Ben Howard and Lucy Rose, Jennifer recorded and self-released her debut EP ‘Wildflower’ in 2016 - instantly gaining recognition from major indie/folk blogs such as Alex Rain Bird Music and Indie Folk Central. Not long after, the science graduate found herself performing regularly at reputable venues/platforms across London, including Ronnie Scotts and Sofar Sounds. With over a million streams through Spotify and other music platforms, the independent singer/songwriter has self-released another EP called ‘Wander in Wonder’. 


 Growing up on a farm in Rwanda, Jennifer’s fondest childhood memories where nights spent under the stars listening to folk tales called ‘imigani’. There she developed a deep appreciation of story-telling, often depicted in her writing, most notably in her recent song ‘Joseph, Maybelline, Delilah and Me’. The themes in her writing is undoubtably troubles of the human heart, often tacking loneliness, insecurities, and desire for intimacy. 


In her early teens, Jennifer’s struggle with dyslexia isolated her from numerous types of literature. During this time, she found solace in reading bible stories, parables, and poetry. Hence, Kamikazi credits her song writing to biblical poetry and often quotes scripture in her lyrics. She also credits indie/rock bands such as Lumineers, Florence + The Machine, and Monford & Sons


Having toured in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. Now, the singer/songwriter is in the process of releasing a new album and has her eyes set on European festival scenes.

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